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My First Blog!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

My first blog entry! Yay! And... I have no idea what I'm doing. How about that for a strong start! For years I've wanted to expand my career and passion more toward proactive Health and Wellness. And for years I've made every excuse to not do it. What if I fail? What would I focus on? What if I have zero interest? Where do I even start? I have no time. I can't even think of a company name that makes sense. How do I incorporate travel, dogs, my love of Arbonne, embracing health, home remodeling while eating? Thats just silly. How can I start something that I didn't know exactly every detail of how I wanted it to play out? That is not in my nature. Seriously... over and over I talked myself out of even trying before the thought was even fully in my mind. Self doubt. Negative talk. Thinking it was impossible. And then many more months would go by. Well... here comes 2020...

I know I'm not alone with the trauma of this year. I know the entire world feels it. In 2019 the hopes I had for 2020 were beyond ordinary... this was going to be the year I've been waiting for. Our careers were going great, our families were good, time was becoming abundant, the sun was shining. nothing could bring me down. Cue the villain "2020". Everything great turned sour quickly. The fear of the unknown led to many months of crying and sulking and then anger and then it happened. What else could go wrong? How could I possibly fail more in a year of pure failure? Now was the time to try. So here I am. I did try to quit... with each step the number of steps seemed overwhelming but I just kept going. Its taken months. And here I am, hopefully days away from my LLC being granted... writing my first blog (of hopefully many more). Still having so many details unknown... such as "Now What"? I'm calling it a "evolving plan" so that I don't have a breakdown.

So here I am. I started. I kept going and will keep going. Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement. My Tribe is strong. I look forward to seeing what "Do Something Healthy" becomes. If anyone needs to perfect their core stability while talking skincare in the garden and is also wanting to plan a trip across the globe to hike a mountain- let me know! That may be the direction "Do Something Healthy" is headed. In the meantime... tell all of your friends.

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Excited to follow this journey. I need grounding , inspiration, motivation and continued health and wellness info.


Yay Cyndi!!! 👏🏼👏🏼


Congratulations! Sounds wonderful- I need all the help I can get.


I am excited to get started!

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