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Do Something Healthy... A Journey of Whole Body Wellness

Focused on Achieving Health & Wellness through Nurturing the Mind, Body & Soul

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What is Your Definition of "Good Health"?

The Do Something Healthy Journey

What comes to your mind when you envision Good Health and Well-being for yourself? Is your definition of Good Health the number you see on the scale? The distance you can walk or run? The number of calories you ate yesterday? The number of hours you slept soundly last night? The amount of stress you have experienced over the past week? The amount of medications you are currently taking or not taking to manage illness?

All too often, we limit our definition of Good Health to a single aspect of Wellness of our Mind or Body.

We tend to look at ourselves from a non-inclusive perspective, as individual parts and symptoms that work separately from each other.  We wait until there is something going wrong with our mind or body and then chase the symptoms to try to fix the problem. In reality, our overall health is a mixture of balancing all of the aspects of our Wellness: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Occupational, Environmental and Social. When we find the right balance we are able to live a healthy life full of Joy, Gratitude and Good Health. Good Health and overall Wellness are reliant on nurturing all aspects of our Mind, Body & Soul.  Do Something Healthy is about finding the correct balance for each of us  from all the dimensions of Wellness to live the healthiest life from the inside out. A Preventative, Holistic, All-Encompassing Approach to living a healthier lifestyle while increasing your knowledge of your own Health and Well-being, 

Welcome and Do Something Healthy Today!

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