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Do Something Healthy... A Journey of Whole Body Wellness

Focused on Achieving Health & Wellness through Nurturing the Mind, Body & Soul

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What is Your Definition of "Good Health"?

The Do Something Healthy Journey

What comes to your mind when you envision Good Health and Well-being for yourself? Is your definition of Good Health the number you see on the scale? The distance you can walk or run? The number of calories you ate yesterday? The number of hours you slept soundly last night? The amount of stress you have experienced over the past week? The amount of medications you are currently taking or not taking to manage illness?

All too often, we limit our definition of Good Health to a single aspect of Wellness of our Mind or Body.

We tend to look at ourselves from a non-inclusive perspective, as individual parts and symptoms that work separately from each other.  We wait until there is something going wrong with our mind or body and then chase the symptoms to try to fix the problem. In reality, our overall health is a mixture of balancing all of the aspects of our Wellness: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Occupational, Environmental and Social. When we find the right balance we are able to live a healthy life full of Joy, Gratitude and Good Health. Good Health and overall Wellness are reliant on nurturing all aspects of our Mind, Body & Soul.  Do Something Healthy is about finding the correct balance for each of us  from all the dimensions of Wellness to live the healthiest life from the inside out. A Preventative, Holistic, All-Encompassing Approach to living a healthier lifestyle while increasing your knowledge of your own Health and Well-being, 

Welcome and Do Something Healthy Today!

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How I Got Here

I knew early in life what I wanted to spend my life doing... I wanted to help people stay as healthy as they could through life. I became a physical therapist in 2000 and have loved the last two decades helping countless patients rehabilitate from injury, illness and general health issues. A common reoccurring theme over the years has been wondering how many of these individuals could have had preventable issues if the same education and lifestyle changes were provided years before. I also have realized how many people are frustrated from searching for information / education on how to stay healthy but coming up short with answers.  My passion for holistic health and wellness and an increased emphasis on proactive, positive lifestyle changes has led me here. Thank you for joining me on this Journey. Please contact me with any ideas of continued growth or how I can help you with your Journey to increased Wellness. I look forward to Doing Something Healthy Together!

*** This site is not to give medical advise. If you are experiencing a medical problem please consult a Doctor ***

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Wellness Service

Coming Soon!

Do Something Healthy Is Evolving! The Goal is Knowledge, Understanding, Discussion & Implementing Positive Movement Toward Holistic Wellness. Let Me Know What Your Needs Are!

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Wellness Service

Coming Soon!

Do Something Healthy Is Evolving! The Goal is Knowledge, Understanding, Discussion & Implementing Positive Movement Toward Holistic Wellness. Let Me Know What Your Needs Are!


Wellness Service

Mind, Body & Skin

What Is There To Love About Arbonne?

  • 40 year history of Holistic Healthy Living

  • Plant Based Products

  • Vegan Certified

  • Gluten and GMO Free

  • Cruelty- Free

  • Dedicated to the Planet & Sustainability / Reducing Carbon

  • Certified B Corporation

  • Committed to reducing Plastic Use 50% by 2025

  • ArbonneCycle- product recycling program

  • Transparency- ban 2000 harmful ingredients from their products


Wellness Service

Healthy Living

Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Program

  • Holistic Program with Clean Ingredients & Habits for Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

  • Vegan Protein Shakes with 20 Grams of Protein

  • Digestion Plus- Supports the Gut with 3 billion CFU Pre & Probiotics

  • Herbal Detox Tea- to Support the Kidneys & Liver

  • Energy Fizz Sticks

  • Customize your 30 Day Package with: Body Cleanse, Daily Fiber Boost or Greens Balance

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Today Is Not Just Another Day!

Everyday Is a Fresh Start & A New Opportunity To Do Your Best!

All Change Takes The First Action- Don't Overthink It... Just Start! 

Every Positive Step Forward Improves You!

Wellness Begins From The Inside & Involves All Aspects of You!


Today Is Your Day & The Best Day To Start!

Do Something Healthy!

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